Hey - I'm Kevin, and here's my story on how I managed to stop smoking weed everyday after years…

If you are struggling with a weed addiction, I'd like to share my story with you. I'm going to show you how I stopped smoking weed and how you can too.

I spent years smoking pot, knowing that it wasn't good for my health.  I felt sluggish, tired and demotivated. I tried everything to stop and two years ago I found a solution which  which gave me the structure and encouragement I needed to quit for good, you should check out the easy way that I used to quit weed here.


How My Weed Habit Started

I started smoking marijuana around the same age as becoming a freshman. Everything was new, I was anxious, lacked in confidence and found it hard to make friends.

Alot of the guys on my course were smoking pot and it was easy to join in. I didn't like it at first but as I got used to it, I found that it helped me to relax and feel better about myself. For a while it was great!

I became one of those 60s guys that would only say good things about pot and no-one could tell me otherwise!


How Pot Affected My Life

university quit weed experienceI was still living at home so it was only going to be time before my mom found out about my habit. At first I kept it to social occasions but that quickly became a daily habit that was not easy to drop. I remember my mom crying as she asked me about it.

I smoked at night so bedtime became later and later and day became night. I slept in for my classes. I scraped through my first year with resits but only managed part of the second year before being asked to leave.

My habit cost more and more money as my tolerance increased, money I didn't have.

The relationship I had with my family broke down, we hardly spoke and I was rarely out of my room. I tried to quit and even got a job but it didn't last as my old desires and lifestyle pattern returned.


How I Managed to Quit

I have been weed free for 4 years now and have no desire to go back, I feel great having turned my life around.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a similar situation where you are struggling with weed or you are trying to help someone else stop smoking weed. I’d like to let you know that although things may feel tough right now, it does get better if you change up some simple things in your life…


Some of my Personal Tips on How to Stop Smoking Weed

You need to be Honest with Yourself

Do you have a weed addiction and are you prepared to admit that to yourself? If you can, you are halfway there, this is an important step.


Fill your time with Something Else

pizza place when quitting marijuanaSome people manage to quit, cold turkey, that didn't work for me. Think creatively and do something to help others or find and follow your passion.

  • Take up a new job

  • Start a new hobby

  • Volunteer with a local charity

  • Study something new

At the time, I decided to take up yoga and I got a job at a local pizza place. I believed this helped me out hugely.


Fix your Social Group

Surround yourself with positive & supportive people that do interesting things. Find people that like you the way you are, there are plenty of them around. It's amazing who you can meet when you try new things.


YOU CAN QUIT POT - Never forget that

If I can do it, so can you. My habit had really taken hold, weed is addictive. Believe in yourself.

I hope that by sharing my story, I can reach out and help others. I have plenty of articles on my blog which relate to my experiences with weed - you can check them out. If you would like to find out exactly what I did to quit marajuana for good then you should check out the link below.