and here’s how I stopped smoking weed everyday after years…


and here's how I stopped smoking weed everyday after years...

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Dear Pot Smokers,

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Kevin a 32 year old Website Designer from NYC. I’d love to tell you my story about how I stopped wanting to smoke weed in less than a week. Thankfully, the only addiction left in my life at this point is Coffee. I have made this website to share my experiences with quitting, to hopefully help other people who are going through the same problem that I did.

I struggled with the pot for over 5 years and it had honestly become a chronic obsession for me. I had to smoke pot every night before I went to bed and would probably spark up the best part of 4 blunts every day. Not only was my obsession expensive but I felt a strong deterioration in my mental ability and I knew that I could do more with my life if I didn’t have to rely on my spark up’s every day.

With just over 2 years passed, I’m now fully weed free and I have excelled at a career in Freelance Web Design, I have a beautiful son on the way and I’m on route to travel for 7 months after the baby gets delivered – I can’t wait! I must say, quitting weed was one of the biggest milestones of my young adult life and I want to use this website as a platform to share my experiences and show people how I managed to quit for good.

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Stopping Weed

My journey to how to Stop Smoking Weed was not easy but I firmly believe that anybody has the capability to do so if they are willing to put in the work. Quitting is all about changing the way you perceive Weed in your mind, it’s not about completely withdrawing it from your life.

Tips on how you can stop without withdrawals

From what I have learned, the biggest problem that we face as smokers is that we are addicted to the substances and chemicals within the drug. The thing is, it’s only in your mind. Imagine a world where you could totally change that perception (and be in total control of your addictive tendencies) and change the way you think about weed. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It became a reality for me when I built up the courage to make the change. The same thing would apply if you are helping a friend, son / daughter or even a partner. You need to make those people in your life change the way they perceive weed, rather than taking it away from them.

Results for Good

Changing the way I felt about weed was the reason why I managed to get rid of my addiction so quickly. I feel an overall boost in my ability to deal with addictive tendencies too. I’ve been able to lose weight since quitting and I don’t feel the need to eat as unhealthily on a compulsive level like I used to do years ago. My journey to quitting weed and changing this overall addictive mindset in my life started with a course that I joined in early 2016…

The Quit Weed Course I Joined in 2016

Read more about the solution that I stumbled across and how this managed to change my life forever.

Can I help someone else?

Read the story about how I helped my buddy Tom stop smoking weed.

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Habits I used to Quit Pot

Some people find it easier to quit smoking weed than others, but is that down to good luck, body chemistry, or attitude? Research suggests that although very casual weed users may not find it particularly challenging to just stop, most people are not so lucky. Still, many folk do manage to successfully quit smoking weed, and they tend to share a few key strategies on their journey; so if you are determined to do the same you could learn a lot from their stories. Here’s a closer look at five important habits to have to successfully stop smoking weed.

Habit 1: Making a plan and sticking to it

It may feel brave, or a way to show off your commitment, but quitting cold turkey seriously raises the chance of relapsing. Adopting a routine where you carefully plan everything from the date you will quit to the times and menus of every meal you will eat. This allows you to prepare properly, perhaps by cutting down a little each day on the run up, and making sure there are enough supplies to stay properly nourished. Setting small and manageable goals gives you a much greater chance of succeeding

Habit 2: Change up your lifestyle

Routines are part of life, but if you continue to do all the same things it will probably be impossible to stay weed free. Making a habit of avoiding the people and places which could lead to relapse is the only way to succeed. In some cases relationships can survive you quitting weed, but at the start you need to put yourself first and them on ice.

Habit 3: Making time for exercise

Whether you like swimming, running, tennis, or team sports, physical activity is a savior when it comes to burning off tension and stress. If you aren’t very fit try gentler things such as tai chi or yoga, or take a class to learn something similar.

Habit 4: Do something new

Smoking weed was probably for most of the time, and it filled a need, so it’s important to actively look for legal ways to fill the gap it leaves in your life. One option is to try something entirely new, say lie learning to play an instrument or ride a horse, joining a choir or a walking club – this will always be special as it has no connections to the life where you smoked weed.

Habit 5: Keep track of the journey

Journaling your thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic, and a real comfort when you look back and see how far you have come. These days you can do it via a mobile phone app, or the old fashioned way in a special book. At the very least it’s good to track your progress in some way, even by just crossing days of a calendar. Adding some rewards in along the way can give a vital boost too.

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Quitting Course

I joined The Quit Weed Programme in 2016 and I owe it my life. Here are the best parts of the programme to look out for if you decide to go ahead and purchase it.

Basic Guide

This guide covers many things such as REAL-LIFE Solutions that actually work, I advise that you read this very carefully and use it as your bible to quit pot forever.

Detox Guide

This is a natural plan which helps to detox body without using dangerous artificial man-made detox kits and is designed specifically to reduce cravings for marijuana.

Please Note: There is plenty of free information on this website but the course I joined is great for people that are serious about stopping weed as quickly as possible.

Audio Program

This series will most likely be used when you begin the process mentioned the main guide. It assists with following through and committing while finding alternatives for the weed addiction.

Video Program

The video program is great for visual learners and it includes tutorials and information on taking your weed addiction to a non-smoking habit within a couple of weeks.


Get access to the Full Programme that I used to say Goodbye to Weed forever 👋