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10 Good Reasons & Benefits to Stop Smoking Weed

by Kevin

Many people don’t see any problem with weed; after all it’s less harmful than hard drugs like heroin and meth, less dangerous than drinking too much booze, and less habit forming than cigarettes, right? Still, it would be naïve to say smoking it is risk free. However, many ex smokers (such as myself) understand that it’s not all a party when you’re addicted to marijuana. It can cause many issues in your life that you may not even have thought off and there could actually be many benefits to not smoking it.


Understand why you shouldn’t smoke weed

If you’re currently addicted to marijuana, I get it – it can be tough to quit. One of the reasons that I managed to quit was by thinking of reasons like these, it helped me to see a light at the end of the tunnel in a time where I could only see darkness. If you’d like to read my story on how I managed to quit weed then click here. Knowing where you want to go and what you can achieve with the right support will ultimately be your stepping stone to success during these tough times. Enjoy this in depth list of some of the best reasons why you shouldn’t smoke weed and think about what I said while you are looking through the following 10 reasons.


1. Better Health

Raised blood pressure, heart, chest and liver diseases, memory loss – these are just some of the physical problems weed smokers tend to suffer from. If you smoke to relieve pain or stress it’s worth weighing up if the benefits against the long term risks. Quitting marijuana could allow you to


2. Better Sex Life

Impotence is common amongst men who smoke weed, and both men and women report better sex without the masked emotions smoking weed brought. We all love sex, right? Less weed, means less brain fog, which means better sex. Many men report issues surrounding erectile dysfunction and women have reported to have less orgasms when under the influence of marijuana, it may be best for you to just stay away from it completely if you love some good sex.


3. Improved Emotional Stability

Feeling delusional, paranoid, psychotic, anxious and depressed are all pretty standard for many long time pot smokers. This can be reversed pretty quickly in most cases once you have quit smoking weed, making it easier to form and maintain quality relationships, and to really experience things properly.


4. Do Well at Work

Weed users are often unreliable, apathetic, and unable to concentrate, leading to absences and late marks at work, or even accidents if operating machinery. Quitting could help secure your job, or even lead to a promotion. Some jobs may require you to pass a marijuana drug test – if you don’t smoke weed, you’ll never have to worry about taking detox products to prevent being caught in the act.


5. Make Real Friends

Regular weed smokers tend to only hang out with people who share their habit. Being free of weed opens the doors to new interactions, based on something more solid than a love of weed. Maybe you’re the only one that smokes weed in your social circle at the moment? No problem – once you quit you’ll have the freedom to spend better quality time with your friends, without the need to feel bad for smoking pot around them.


6. It’s Illegal to Smoke in Some States

Possessing weed in some states could land you up to 3 years in prison and a fine as high as they choose to make it; while supplying to anyone else at all trebles the possible jail term. While some forces choose to ignore recreational use it is still risky, and charges of any kind can impact your future when it comes to things like getting a visa for certain counties or when job seeking.


7. It can Make Driving Dangerous

Smoking weed can put drivers, (and everyone else in their car and on the road) at risk for several days after smoking. Weed relaxes your body and can cause a hindrance on your reaction time, just like alcohol. Be more alert and aware of your surroundings when you don’t feel the need for weed to be in your system anymore.


8. Weed can be Expensive

Money isn’t always a huge factor, but if you are on a low income finding money for weed may mean missing meals or even skipping rent payments. At the end of the day it’s like burning cash, and quitting will put it right back into your pocket to spend on more important things like good food, holidays or even just to treat yourself to some nice gifts every now and again.


9. Sleep Better

There are many links to marijuana addiction causing a loss of control on sleep. Wouldn’t it be better if you could control your sleep rather than your sleep controlling you? Insomnia is a very common issue that many marijuana users experience – you may have this as a withdrawal symptom or you may even feel that weed helps you sleep better, but the body is not meant to have drugs controlling our sleep – you should be in control of that very important part of your life.


10. You can Reach Your Potential Without Weed

Whether it’s through studying, work, sport or a hobby – being free of weed allows your creativity and real self to return full force. You’ll notice brain fog becoming less of an issue and you’ll have the feeling of freedom back again. It will feel great if you are willing to take that leap of faith!


The Benefits of Quitting Marijuana are Real!

There were a huge amount of reasons that pushed me towards quitting weed, but it wasn’t easy. I always asked myself, do I really need this today? The question became very easy to answer when I thought some of the reasons that I just spoke about with you here. I knew when I tried to quit that it was going to be a very tough and tedious process, but I knew with the right support system and process, that I would be able to get through it and build a better life for myself.


To Smoke or Not to Smoke Weed?

In 2016 I managed to find a course that helped me keep on track with dealing with my addiction. I had it bad but understanding exactly where you want to go is the only thing you need to have in order to make sure that you make that step to walk into a weed free life. I had to build the support network myself but the course gave me a route to take for building a process which ultimately helped me to quit for good.

Read the unique methods that I used to quit marijuana for good.

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