Many people don’t see any problem with weed; after all it’s less harmful than hard drugs like heroin and meth, less dangerous than drinking too much booze, and less habit forming than cigarettes, right? Still, it would be naïve to say smoking it is risk free. There are plenty of reasons why quitting the habit makes good sense, and below are ten of the best.

1. Good health
Raised blood pressure, heart, chest and liver diseases, memory loss – these are just some of the physical problems weed smokers tend to suffer from. If you smoke to relieve pain or stress it’s worth weighing up if the benefits against the long term risks.

2. A better sex life
Impotence is common amongst men who smoke weed, and both men and women report better sex without the masked emotions smoking weed brought.

3. Improved emotional stability
Feeling delusional, paranoid, psychotic, anxious and depressed are all pretty standard for many long time pot smokers. This can be reversed pretty quickly in most cases once you have quit smoking weed, making it easier to form and maintain quality relationships, and to really experience things properly.

4. Do well at work
Weed users are often unreliable, apathetic, and unable to concentrate, leading to absences and late marks at work, or even accidents if operating machinery. Quitting could help secure your job, or even lead to a promotion.

5. Make real friends
Regular weed smokers tend to only hang out with people who share their habit. Being free of weed opens the doors to new interactions, based on something more solid than a love of weed.

6. It’s illegal in some states
Possessing weed in some states could land you up to 3 years in prison and a fine as high as they choose to make it; while supplying to anyone else at all trebles the possible jail term. While some forces choose to ignore recreational use it is still risky, and charges of any kind can impact your future when it comes to things like getting a visa for certain counties or when job seeking.

7. It makes driving dangerous
Smoking weed can put drivers, (and everyone else in their car and on the road) at risk for several days after smoking.

8. It can be expensive
Money isn’t always a huge factor, but if you are on a low income finding money for weed may mean missing meals or even skipping rent payments. At the end of the day it’s like burning cash, and quitting will put it right back into your pocket.

9. There are often links to organized crime groups
You may never progress beyond smoking weed, and wouldn’t dream of supporting the human slave trade or terrorist groups – but chances are there are connections from your weed supplier, through several complicated routes, to these very things.

10. You can reach your potential
Whether it’s through studying, work, sport or a hobby – being free of weed allows your creativity and real self to return full force.