Dear Pot Smokers,

howtoquitpot-contactI had everything going for me, a good family and a great future. How did I end up addicted to weed? Never would I have thought it possible, I thought that I was in control but in fact the drug ended up controlling me. After many failed attempts, I finally managed to quit using the method I will describe and have now been weed free for 4 years with absolutely no desire to go back. Yes, I’m playing catch up with my life but I thankfully have a second chance. Let me share my story.

My friends were all smoking and it was easy for me to join in. To begin with, it was great. I had more confidence and was much more sociable as a result. We partied, we played video games through the night, it was such fun! There is so much information online about the positive effects of smoking marijuana but as I smoked more and more to get the same effect, I began to experience some of the unpleasant effects, the mood swings, the paranoia, the fatigue and the sluggish feeling that was with me every day. Still, I continued to support my choices. It was becoming less fun and in fact my weed addiction ended up affecting my life quite dramatically, I was finally kicked out of college, I lost my relationship with my family and became a virtual recluse, ending up in significant debt. It affected me psychologically, the desire was incredibly powerful, I had to have it.

The reality finally hit me as I sat in my room with a bong in my hand, alone as usual, there had to be more to life than this, every day was the same, I was sick of being sick and I had no future. I had to turn this around. I finally managed to admit that I had a problem.

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I tried to stop, I always thought I would be able to but the desire was just too strong. I would find myself at the dealers buying more without even meaning to go there, it had become such a fixed part of my subconscious mind. It’s hard to describe and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me now but I’m sure if you’re in the position, you will understand what I mean, I really did have an issue. I tried everything over the next year, diet, exercise, I made promises to myself over and over again but I always returned to the habit particularly when I needed to relax or needed more confidence, my life was a mess.

Some of my friends had been able to quit by going ‘cold turkey’ but I noticed that most of them dipped in and out of the habit depending on their circumstances. Others were like me, addicted, but refusing to believe that it was an issue.

My family had turned against me, my mom blamed herself and become quite depressed, her usual bubbly personality gone. It amazes me that even me witnessing that did not give me enough encouragement to stop, my family had always been my rock.

I knew that I could not do this alone, I couldn’t afford expensive rehab and my family had long since given up on me, so no help there. My research finally led me to my solution, a step by step, structured program, available online, I couldn’t have done it alone. I have not returned to my habit since and I’m now returning to my old self.

I can honestly say that life is good again. The Quit Weed Course has given me many tools which I now use daily in my life. Nothing happens overnight but I’m now thankfully in a good place .

– Kevin Bryce

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