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Dealing with Depression after Quitting Weed (and how long does it last?)

by Kevin

Depression is a serious mental illness that said to affect around 1.5% of Americans every year. When you are quitting pot, you need to put yourself in the best position so that you don’t feel this way. A bad episode of depression can cause you to bounce right back and look for bad things, such as the marijuana to substitute the way that you are feeling.

You may have been depressed before you started smoking weed. If this is the case, you have to understand that substances (or medicine) such as marijuana will never resolve the problems that you have, they can only offer relief for them over the period of time that you take it.

This article will explain what it means to be depressed along with outlining some solutions for everyday weed quitters, to help you find the best way of stopping cannabis for good. There are also many other withdrawal symptoms when quitting weed – read the full guide with a timeline on which types of symptoms you may face when stopping. If you are in a state of depression right now, then you might need to quit weed the right way in order to feel better:

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Are you really ‘depressed’?

There’s a big difference between feeling down and feeling depressed. The clinical version of depression can be serious and if you feel like your depression has been going on for a long period of time, without resolution, then it may be best to consult a medical professional or speak to someone who can help you further.

On the other hand, many people who quit smoking marijuana feel ‘down’ meaning that their withdrawal causes them to suffer mentally. The addictive substance within marijuana is called THC (Tetrahydracloronol) and taking this consistently over a long period of time can cause your brain and body to feel dependant on the substance. If you quit cold turkey for example, then you are at a huge risk of putting your body through this ordeal, therefore causing the side effect.


The best ways to deal with marijuana depression

Stay in line with your vision – If you have quit weed or you are trying to quit weed, it’s important to remember your end goal. Instead of thinking about how bad things are right now, think about how great they will be in the future when you are fully free of any cannabis in your system.
Get yourself on a straight and narrow path – Quitting Weed is not as easy as many make it seem. You may want to join a marijuana quitting course like Quit Weed in order for them to provide you with a detailed plan and information on how to quit. It really does help, I used it myself!

Detox the life out of yourself – There are many Detox products on the market that people use to reduce the levels of THC in their body, allowing you to feel less dependent on the substance over time. If you are interested in looking into this, check out my guide on the best marijuana detox products.

Do the things that you love – You may have heard the phrase before “do something else and take your mind off it”. This really does work, look into other hobbies that can take the mind away from the detox such as exercise, cooking or even just partying with friends (without the marijuana of course).

For Serious Cases: Take a substitute – Many people might not want to quit marijuana cold turkey and in very serious cases you may feel the need to ease yourself into a smoke free life. Many people have said that CBD Oil is a great alternative, but only try this if you REALLY need it.


Summing up

Only you can make the change to create a better version of yourself. I faced many hardships when quitting pot as my addiction had been a very serious one at this point. What really changed the game for me was understanding the reasons why I wanted to quit and where this would eventually take me.

I wanted a nice family, job and overall just a nicer standard of life… I’d say after being 2 years sober – I’m definitely in reach of or have everything that I’d ever want for in life. Quitting marijuana was one of the best things that ever happened to me and if you are able to stick to a dedicated plan and keep your mindset focus, you’ll make that important change for the best. If you’d like to figure out the methods and tricks I used to stay away from depression while quitting, then check out the link below. I wish everyone the best of luck and success with their addiction.

Click here to read my story on how I quit weed without withdrawals

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