does smoking weed cause hair loss

Does Smoking Weed cause you to Lose Hair? Marijuana and Hair Loss

by Kevin

Well known side effects of smoking weed, like having ‘the munchies’ or finding everything extremely funny, may not seem so terribly harmful, but there are plenty of less welcome consequences to go around too; take hair loss for example. From thinning patches to complete baldness, both men and women who regularly consume marijuana are much more likely to face these concerns than those who don’t.

Casual weed smokers may not have too much to worry about, but pretty much anyone who smokes weed regularly is likely to experience some level of hair loss, although overall younger men are said to be the most vulnerable.

Let’s look at the possible reasons why smoking weed could well mean prematurely losing your hair.


The biology behind it

The chemical which makes weed smokers ‘high’ is commonly known as THC, and it is a main culprit in the marijuana-hair loss relationship. When regular amounts of THC build up in the human body they get into hair shafts and basically stop them growing properly. The hair goes into a kind of hibernation mode, waiting patiently for their normal life cycle to start up again. Regular tops ups of THC obviously make this unlikely. There are many hair tests for marijuana – find out how to pass a hair test here.

Smoking weed also triggers changes in the hormonal system, particularly to levels of cortisol and testosterone; which in turn can lead to a lower sex drive, higher levels of anger and aggression, and hair loss.



Lifestyle influences

It’s not unusual for people who smoke weed regularly to have a more disorganized lifestyle than the mainstream population, with erratic sleeping patterns, and an unbalanced diet which doesn’t supply enough essential nutrients; two things which inevitably make it difficult to grow and hold on to healthy hair. Without plenty of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and the recommended daily intake of protein, dairy, and mineral-rich food, even the healthiest heads of hair would soon begin to show signs of damage and loss.


The emotional aspect

Lots of people use weed as a way to self medicate against conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression – which is entirely understandable. However, marijuana doesn’t always have the desired effect. Current research suggests that occasional use is much more likely to improve mood, promote relaxation and generally make someone feel chilled, content and happy; while prolonged use has a seriously high chance of leading to depression and stress, which in turn trigger stress hormones and contribute to hair loss.


The verdict

In terms of hair loss it seems there may be some groups who are more at risk than others, though none are exempt. So while men in general, and young men in particular, are at the top of the chart women who smoke weed are not home and dry by any means. The lowest risks are taken by those who can be placed firmly and honestly in the ‘casual/occasional’ weed smoker group, who otherwise have a generally healthy lifestyle; with risks rising rapidly the more often the weed smoking occurs.

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