get boyfriend to quit smoking weed

How to get your Boyfriend / Girlfriend to Stop Smoking Weed

by Kevin

As well as affecting your mentality and the way you approach life, smoking weed can also damage the relationship you have with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You may need to help them quit.

This was no different for me and some of my previous girlfriends. As my pot obsession grew and grew I was beginning to lose sight for any of the goals I set out to achieve early in my life, including my dream of having a healthy marriage and at some point, a family.

Of course, I have this now but it took some really hard work for me to achieve. I ended up going through quite a few relationships because of my addiction and lost a lot of people in my life that I held very dear to me.
In some ways I’m happy I went through these tough times, because they helped me realise that I needed help and forced me to want to overcome it, but at the same time I’d never wish these circumstances on anyone. Which is one of the reasons why I started this site, to prevent as many people as I can from going through the same experiences I did.


Stopping Weed

If you have someone (a boyfriend or girlfriend) in the same situation as I was and you want to do something about it before things get really bad then this is what you need to do.


Approach the weed addiction for boyfriend / girlfriend

Straight up telling your significant other that they need to quit smoking weed will do little to help them, in fact, it’ll likely do the opposite.

Instead, begin hinting at them every now and then that you’d like them to stop and that you prefer being around them when they’re not high. This continual little reminder will begin to reinforce the idea to them that they need to stop, instead of building up any resentment towards you like straight up telling them would.
Begin by asking them not to smoke for one day each week and as time goes on, build this to two days, then three and so on. It will probably take a while but eventually, they won’t want to smoke every day without any input from you (they might still want to smoke every weekly but not as frequently as they use to).

This is what you want to aim for and is a great place for them to start on their road to recovery. Also, you need to remember to reward them for doing what you ask otherwise they’ll be very unlikely to progress each week. This can be whatever you want and I’ll leave you to the details.

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