Help your Friend Stop Smoking Weed

Not only was smoking weed affecting my life but it was also affecting some of those around me, particularly my friend Tom.

Like most groups of friends do, once one person starts smoking weed the rest follow and this was no different for me and Tom. Everything was fine and good when we first started, usually lighting it up every week or so with some of our other friends and just having fun. It seemed harmless.

But as those weekly occurrences turned into daily occurrences and the obsession grew, that’s when the problems began. His desire and drive for achieving goals that he felt so passionately about when we first met (such as becoming a teacher) just died out and faded away. All he wanted to do was sit around and get high.

After I got over my obsession I knew I had to do something to get my friend Tom back.

Stopping Weed

After going through the program I knew I couldn’t sit there helplessly while my friend was suffering, I had to do something.
And if you’re in the same situation then you’ll likely feel the same way. So here are a few tips that you can use to get your friend to stop smoking weed.

Continually remind your friend of how things used to be

Your friend probably won’t enjoy this and you will probably need the help of their family but by reminding them how they’ve changed as a person and doing so regularly can be a very effective way to break through their initial denial. Eventually, they’ll come to realise that they do have a problem and will actually seek out your help to get them through it.

Get your friend to understand that past dreams can be achieved

If you help them visualise that their past goals and dreams are still attainable, provided they quit smoking cannabis, then you’re likely to spark their interests again. Just remember that you need to move quickly, this new desire can easily burn out again if not acted upon fast enough.

Keep your friend away from a drug-using environment

As most people are more impressionable within a group it’s imperative that you keep your friends away from environments like this. This is the most vulnerable you friend is going to be so they’ll find it very hard to fight their urges. After all this is how most people, like myself and Tom, get their selves into this mess.

The Quit Weed Course Tom & I Joined in 2016

Read more about the solution that I stumbled across and how this managed to change my life forever.

Quitting Course

If your efforts aren’t quite breaking through to your friend no matter how hard you try then they need to enrol in The Quit Weed Programme as soon as possible. It’s the next step they clearly need to take. Here are the best parts of the programme to look out for if you decide to go ahead and enrol them in it.

Basic Guide

This guide covers many things such as REAL-LIFE Solutions that actually work, the one thing your friend should never do while trying to quit and ONE sneaky secret to banish their cravings.

Detox Guide

This is what your friend will use after completing the program. It assists them with following through while also helping them replace their addiction with healthy alternatives.

Please Note: There is plenty of free information on this website but the course I joined is great for people that are serious about stopping weed as quickly as possible.

Audio Program

This is what your friend will use after completing the program. It assists them with following through while also helping them replace their addiction with healthy alternatives.

Video Program

This program is designed to take anyone from a heavy smoker to a non-smoker quickly with the help of subliminal messaging so they can quit weed easily.


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