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How to Regain Appetite after Quitting Weed (Loss of Appetite)

by Kevin

Weed is well known for its ability to stimulate appetite, and regular smokers will be familiar with the post-joint munchies cravings. However, once you quit weed one of the most common side effects is a very definite complete loss of appetite, which can last for a few days or even a couple of weeks.

Losing a few pounds may not seem like a terrible fate to some, but feeling unable to eat can easily lead to weakness, leave you vulnerable to bugs and illness and generally make life miserable, so it’s pretty important to do your best to regain your appetite as soon as you can.

These tips may not all work for everyone, but giving them a try is the only way to start rebalancing your life after breaking free from weed.


Eat little and often

Being faced with a huge plateful of food can out the healthiest person off eating, so don’t overload your plate. Go for small snacks or below average portions of regular food instead.


Don’t stress over cooking

Unless you find making food therapeutic exploit the wonders of instant meals, or things that come in packets, and cans. Frozen food and delivery services are also good options. [This could all be organized ahead of quitting if you didn’t just stop suddenly.]


Don’t forget liquids

It’s important to stay hydrated, but try not to fill up on water or other drinks.


Go for healthy snacks

Okay maybe not every time, but going 50-50 between nutritious snacks like fruit, nuts, yogurt and things like hard boiled eggs and the chips, cookies, candy route is something your teeth and blood sugar will thank you for later.


Protein drinks

If you really cannot stomach anything solid at least have a high protein drink, or anything similar that is used as a supplement for gaining weight.


Exercise to stimulate appetite

There’s no denying that lying around all day won’t make you feel hungry. Burning some calories with (gentle and sensibly paced) exercise is more likely to do that.


Ginger tea to help nausea

If feeling sick is what puts you off food try ginger tea. It’s easy to make your own using grated fresh root ginger, and maybe a spoon of honey, or buy it in teabag form.


Talk to a doctor

If you feel confident about being honest with a medic it’s worth asking for advice and suggestions. There are several appetite booster meds available which could help in the short term.


Forget about old lifestyle habits

So maybe you were always the one who demolished the leftover pizza for breakfast, or never felt satisfied without three snacks between each meal – let it go. Constantly comparing your current state of mind and appetite to the past isn’t productive, and can be quite constraining. By not aiming to recreate the past you can focus on making the next meal work – even if it’s just a few bites of a sandwich or piece of fruit.

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