Successfully quitting any kind of bad habit involves battling, and overcoming, a mixture of physical and psychological responses. Attempting to just suddenly stop eating sugary things or quit drinking alcohol can be very tough indeed, while doing some decent preparation before the big day arrives can really boost your chance of success. Here are some tips to get you started.


Organise the support and space you feel you need

Some people find telling family and friends incredibly helpful, others prefer to avoid drawing attention to themselves, or may even need to keep things quiet because people in their close circle smoke and could be a real temptation. Heavy weed smokers may need to book some time off work, while those who smoke to lighten their mood may benefit from talking to a healthcare professional about useful medicines to have around if needed. If you are trying to help someone else, then think of ways to produce this space for them – removing all temptations is a very important environment to be around when quitting cold turkey.


Throw away anything linked to weed

Once you are ready to go for it have a clear out. If you have any weed left flush it down the loo, and bin everything like ashtrays, and lighters that could suddenly trigger cravings. Don’t forget to delete the numbers of those you buy weed from, and disconnect from them on social media too. (You can always add them back later if you think having them around will work.) Get it all out your life, cold turkey style!


Educate yourself about possible withdrawal symptoms

It’s impossible to know how you will feel after quitting weed cold turkey, but common withdrawal symptoms include problems sleeping, loss of appetite, feeling anxious and easily irritated, as well as sudden mood swings and hot sweats. Knowledge is power, and it is definitely less distressing to know what is happening to your body – and to have a solid plan in place for how to best deal with them. Try to maintain good hygiene, and eat food you like with one eye on nutrition. Tasty treats are important, but overloading on sugar or fat won’t help establish a level mood. I managed to learn the best ways to quit quickly by introducing myself to a course, which kept me on track with the best ways of quitting weed, and it worked!


Keep busy

Although you may not feel much like going out and doing anything in the middle of a bad withdrawal episode it is worth taking every opportunity you do have to get some exercise, mental stimulation, comfort and, if possible, fresh air. Getting the balance right will help make the process a little easier. Obviously, you need to avoid likely triggers – both people and places – but taking a quick walk, or doing something like yoga indoors, working on a jigsaw, solving a Rubik’s Cube or meditating will help use energy, keep your brain occupied or help you relax.


Imagine your new life plan

In some cases it is impossible to pick up the friends and lifestyle you had when smoking weed, as the risk of relapse would be extremely high. If this applies to you it is worth thinking about ways you could meet new people, or decide on new interests, and different places to hang out, so you can step straight from quitting into a new, risk-free way of life. The only way that you will truly make a difference is if you can believe and visualise a perfect life without weed.

I always promote the quit weed program because it gave me structure, correct information and most of all a path to quit smoking weed very quickly. This was exactly what I needed in my time of pain. As a marijuana addict, I used to blame everyone else for my own problems but the minute that I realized that it was ME who had to make the change – that’s when I took action to do so. If you think that you are an action taker and quitting weed is something that you feel could make a huge difference in your life then click the read more button below to check out some of the best content on how to quit smoking pot for good.


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