Helping your Son or Daughter Stop Smoking Weed

Given how difficult this stage in their life can seem, struggling teenagers are likely to jump into weed given how cheap and easily accessible it is. This, of course, can lead them down a bad path which is why you will want to intervene.

Now considering I didn’t start smoking weed until my early twenties, I don’t exactly have any first-hand experience with how weed affects a teenager’s life. But given what I’ve gone through, I think I can still give you some pretty useful advice as to how you should approach the situation.

Teenagers, after all, are very unlikely to do what you ask them to and in most cases, they’ll end up doing the opposite of what you ask. So I understand this is a very tricky situation to be in and it may take some extreme (in the eyes of your teenager) actions to change the way they think.

It will get hard at times – you’ll likely experience some backlash from your kids in response to your efforts – but it will be worth it in the long run, you just need to push through and keep the faith that you’ll be able to do it.

Stopping Weed

As I said, this won’t be easy but there are things you will want to keep in mind before you confront your son or daughter.

Do some teenage weed research first

You want to know about all the effects and complications that come with smoking pot before you talk to them so that there aren’t any holes in your argument.
The confidence that comes with knowing exactly what you’re talking about will begin reinforcing the idea to the teenager that they shouldn’t actually be doing what they’re doing and will make you much more believable.

Try not to lecture your Son or Daughter

This will only annoy them and they’ll be much more likely to go against everything you say. You still want to get your point across and make sure they know where you stand on the subject but try to do this in a friendly (yet firm) manner.

Try to understand your child’s weed addiction while staying calm

You want them to feel as comfortable with opening up to you as possible, not to be look down on or be ridiculed for their actions. This way you can figure out exactly why they began smoking pot in the first place making it easier for you to take appropriate corrective action.

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Quitting Course

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Audio Program

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