Escape, relaxation, stress release, pain relief, and to fit in socially are probably the most common reasons the average person smokes weed. At least that’s how they get started; although for those who become addicted smoking becomes a necessity rather than a choice. These reasons are largely positive, which makes quitting the habit a less than attractive idea, but weed is not the harmless substance many believe it to be. Overall it’s best to either never touch it in the first place, or to quit the habit now, before the benefits fall away to leave only problems and troubles which can be life changing. Check out our other article on the 10 reasons to stop smoking weed. This article will focus on the overall health side of the equation and help you understand whether or not you should stop smoking weed for good.



Five reasons to not smoke weed

It’s bad for your health

If you thought smoking a regular cigarette was suicidal how about a joint, with three times more tar and five times more poisonous carbon monoxide per inhalation? Inevitably this seriously increases your risk of respiratory conditions, stroke, liver disease and some cancers. Weed also increases your heart beat, and can trigger scary palpitations, heart failure, and heart attacks.

It’s against the law

Disregarding the exceptions for medical marijuana, weed remains illegal in most of the country, with potentially crippling results for those charged with using, dealing or growing it. Apart from fines and jail time there’s the blight on your record which can affect future opportunities re work, travel, and so much more.


It makes you stupid

There’s lots of new research emerging which suggests strong links between weed consumption and damage to the immature, (under 20-25 years old), brain which results in a permanently lower IQ. Older smokers experience different kinds of brain issues, such as memory loss, lack of concentration, paranoia, and poor or slow decision making skills. These things have a serious impact on both regular day-to-day interaction and long term life chances.


It threatens your job

It would be unfair to say that all regular weed smokers are either unemployed or working in the fringe economy, but for many a low income or a welfare check is the reality. Drug tests are common in the workplace too, and the chance of an accident at work increases sharply amongst weed smokers. Many are regularly either late or absent much more than average too, further increasing the chance of being fired.


You cannot be truly healthy while smoking weed

However we choose to live our lives most people are aware that smoking, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, sleeping badly, not exercising, and eating unhealthy food are not on any route to even a basic level of health and fitness, but while the majority struggle with one or two aspects featured on the list, weed smokers are likely to fall victim to all or most of them. One major feature of weed is the way it messes with your brain, so you can only feel real or anticipated pleasure when it involves having a joint. Food, physical activity and sleep are no longer particularly important.

I always promote the quit weed program because it gave me structure, correct information and most of all a path to quit smoking weed very quickly. This was exactly what I needed in my time of pain. As a marijuana addict, I used to blame everyone else for my own problems but the minute that I realized that it was ME who had to make the change – that’s when I took action to do so. If you think that you are an action taker and quitting weed is something that you feel could make a huge difference in your life then click the read more button below to check out some of the best content on how to quit smoking pot for good.


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